Corporate Governance

M.W. Trade SA has declared compliance with corporate governance principles specified in the document “Good Practices of Public Companies Listed on the Warsaw Stock Exchange”, adopted by way of Resolution No. 20/1287/2011 of the Board of the Warsaw Stock Exchange on October 19th 2011, whose full wording is available at

The Company shall make all efforts aimed at the best possible adaptation of its operations to the declared principles of corporate governance. Concurrently, the Company indicates that due to the scope of its competence it has a limited influence on potential implementation of all the corporate governance principles by all the addressees, and cannot guarantee that the rules shall be respected by those companies on which the Company has no influence. However, the Company makes and will make efforts to ensure that these entities follow all the principles of corporate governance.

Good Practices of Public Companies Listed on Warsaw Stock Exchange (PL) 

Declaration of compliance with corporate governance

Supervisory Board's report on the company's operations

The rules of auditor selection applied by M.W. Trade SA

Participation of female and male mambers in the governing bodies of M.W. Trade SA



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