Banking products

Using our knowledge and experience, we offer the banking products and services of entities from the Getin Holding SA financial group.

Current account
A bank account enables convenient, efficient completion of financial transactions, providing access to quick financing in the form of a credit line.

 • free control of funds
 • ability to make payments up to the balance value in cash or with the use of non-cash payment methods
 • receipt of payment cards (including multiple-owner cards)
 • comprehensive account operation via the Internet and by phone
 • option of obtaining an overdraft facility
 • option of depositing funds on accounts with a higher interest rate

 Working capital facility
A working capital facility is a convenient solution for enterprises actively operating on the market which need funds for the settlement of current liabilities. Depending on the method of release, this can be in the form of an overdraft facility or credit account.

 • additional source of financing operating activity
 • quick access to funds
 • improvement of financial liquidity – enables prompt settlement of liabilities and financing of current assets
 • support for effective management – enables better financial management

Investment credit
An investment credit is a bank credit designated for financing projects aimed at recovery, modernization or to increase the value of fixed assets. Crediting conditions are flexibly adjusted to a given institution’s profile and its particular activity. Depending on the intended use, an investment credit can be in the form of one-time financing (related to single transactions) or recurrent financing (financing of more than one cash turnover cycle).

 • quick, easy procedure of capital acquisition
 • possibility of negotiating credit conditions
 • medium- or long-term credit
 • credit conditions adjusted to the individual nature of a given investment
 • security for repayment of credit on the object of investment under implementation

Leasing enables investments in modern medical and IT technologies. It allows modernization of medical infrastructure without the need to involve the entire amount of capital equal to the value of the purchased equipment.
Our offer includes financial leasing (8% VAT for medical equipment) and operating leasing.

 • a flexible and convenient way of acquiring fixed assets
 • simple, quick procedure
 • the possibility of investment financing with current revenues
 • own contribution of as little as 1% of the value of the leased asset
 • financing of up to 100% of the transaction value
 • duration of funding of up to 60 months
 • minimum formalities

Bank deposits
Deposits enable the effective use of free financial resources. The conditions of depositing financial surpluses are flexibly adjusted to the strategies of health care entities and companies.

 • free control of funds
 • flexible duration of deposits
 • the possibility of negotiating the deposit interest rate and term
 • fixed-term deposits make it possible to prevent the inflationary impairment of financial surpluses

 “White package” for employees of health care entities
This is a comprehensive range of banking and investment products created for employees of health care entities. The package ensures preferential conditions of account operation and debit card acquisition, alongside an attractive interest rate for cash, consolidation and mortgage credits.

 • simple, quick procedures
 • comprehensive services
 • lower prices of services included in the package
 • permanent contact with the bank advisor



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